Why You Should Peel Your Banana Like a Monkey

As a kid, I was completely inept at opening bananas the usual way. Which is to say, from the stem. Like a normal person. I ended snapping the stem or squashing the banana every time. I can’t explain it.

Then I discovered that there was another way, an easier way — the monkey way. Have you ever heard of this?

Here’s how you open a banana like a monkey: Ignore the handle-like stem. Turn your banana upside-down and focus on the nubby, pointed tip at the opposite end. Pinch this tip between your first finger and thumb — this will split the skin of the banana cleanly, allowing you to peel it back. Easy.

Even once I overcame my childhood lack of dexterity, I kept right on peeling my bananas this way. It’s good for laughs with friends or for entertaining small children — but it’s also efficient. There is always the occasional banana with the stubborn, unyielding stem; peeling it from the opposite end works every time. You can also use the stem as a handle as you eat!

Do you ever peel your bananas this way? Give it a try next time

Source: thekitchn.com

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