Top indian herbs and spices that help prevent cancer



Popular throughout the world, Indian spices have a long history of being used to provide a welcome burst of flavor in dishes that would otherwise be nearly tasteless without it. In addition to their amazing taste benefits, however, Indian spices have very real benefits to the health. In fact, by eating a diet that includes generous amounts of these following Indian spices, a number of cancers could be prevented.

Black Pepper

Often thought of as simply a necessary part of any dinner table, the lowly black pepper shaker can provide important anti-cancer properties. A chemical within pepper, called piperine, has important cancer fighting properties that make it a valuable ally.

Bell Pepper

Another member of the pepper family, bell peppers have a long history of helping to prevent cancer. With their brightly colored skins, these red, orange and green peppers contain enzymes that make them antioxidants and important in the fight against cancer.


With its bright yellow color, turmeric is one of the most recognizable of all the Indian spices. As an antioxidant, turmeric is not only great for fighting cancer, it can also aid in the prevention of diabetes and allergies. Using just a pinch each day to add a robust flavor to dishes is all it takes to reap the many benefits of this spice.


This root spice contains generous amounts of both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This makes it a good immune system booster which can help keep cancer cells from taking hold and keep the disease away.


This spice is hugely popular the world over. In India, it is often used in nearly every dish. In addition to helping to kill the cancer cells that reside in the body, mustard also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


With its delicate aroma and welcome taste, cardamom is a highly popular spice that is used throughout India. Used for centuries as a component in Chinese medicine, today cardamom has been proven to be effective at both preventing and destroying the cancer cells that become entrenched in the body.


Another spice that has appeal throughout the world, cinnamon provides both energy and protein, making it good at boosting the immune system. This helps to keep the cancer cells from becoming activated in the first place, making it ideal for inclusion in a number of dishes.


Fennel seeds contain anethole which destroys cancer cells. It does so by suppressing the enzymes that are responsible for the multiplication of cancer cells. In addition, fennel helps to kill those harmful germs that reside within the body.

By being generous with the spices while cooking, an individual can increase their good health while also enjoying the enhanced taste and aroma of their foods.


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