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Tomatoes that we offer have the following specifications:

The tomato is native to America and seems to be one of the many discoveries by Columbus. It is mainly the Dutch breeders and growers that increased the quality by selecting long and crossing the number of tomato varieties. Now there are 60 kinds of tomatoes, the best know tomato is the fleshtomato. You also have the vine tomato, Roma Tomato, small candy or cherry tomato and still quite rare ‘Coeur de Boeuf’, which is a large, flattened ribbed tomato with an extraordinary taste. Most tomatoes come from Dutch greenhouses. Also popular are the several small tomatoes, they have a great taste you even have the special varieties, specially bred for children, like a sensible snack!

Besides healthy the tomato also is a powerful antioxidant thanks to the active substance lycopene.

Packaging: plastic boxes to cups, cardboard packaging

Sorting: Depending on the type of tomato

Availability: Year-round