Kingsfield can always offer the best onions in the strongest terms against sharp, competitive prices.

The onions that we offer have the following specifications:

The onion is member of the allium family. The word onion comes from the Latin word unio for ‘single’ or ‘one,’ because the onion plant produces a single bulb, unlike its cousin, the garlic, that produces many small bulbs. The name also describes the onion bulb when cut down the middle; it is a union of many separate, concentrically arranged layers. Onion range in size, color and taste depending upon their variety. There are generally two types of large, globe-shaped onions, classified as spring/summer storage onions. The former class includes those that are grown in warm weather climates and have characteristic mild or sweet tastes. Storage onions are grown on colder weather climates and, after harvesting, are dried out for a period of several months, attaining dry crisp skins.They generally have a more pungent flavor and are usually named by their color: white,yellow or red.

Packaging: Net bags 2,5kg / 25kg and in big bags with +/- 1250.

Sizes: 40/60, 50/70, 60/80, 75/105.

Availability: All year round.