Kingsfield can always offer the best garlic in the strongest terms against sharp, competitive prices.

Specification, properties of garlic:

Garlic is related to onions, leeks, chives and shallots, all of which are part of the allium family. The exact origin of garlic is unknown, but is probably from Asia. Garlic is a root vegetable, the sphere of which grows underground. The fruit is composed of a single bulb, which contains small obstacle.

Each of these tricks are individually wrapped in a papery skin. Garlic is one of the most important and most commonly used product for dishes and is available both fresh and dry. The Garlic has a creamy white skin, and bulb-shaped, medium to large garlic can contain up to 17 cloves per bulb. When the garlic bulb is mature the leaves start to die again.

Packaging: 500g to 5 kg poly bag, carton.

Sorting: 4.5-5 5.0-5.5cm 5.5-6cm 6,0-6.5 cm.

Available: all year round.