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Capsicum that we offer has the following specifications:

The capsicum is grown in different color variations. Red, yellow, orange and green are the most famous.
But there is also white, purple, lilac, mint-colored and brown. Known is the so-called traffic light, which consists packaged. Together in a red, yellow and green capsicum.
Most capsicum grown in the Netherlands area of the California miracle type that is square. White capsicum is oblong in shape, bitter taste and has a thinner skin.

There are also elongated red, yellow and orange capsicums whit a very sweet flavor. They are sweet pointed capsicum or Ramiro.  Another type of pepper is the Amuyo. These are very large and grown mainly in southern Europe. When the capsicum grows he is green, purple, brown or white, the color changes during ripening to red, yellow, brown or orange. The flavor of the capsicum also changes during this period, ripe peppers are sweet while unripe capsicum rather spicy with a bitter taste. The capsicum is related to the sharp red capsicum but is not ‘hot’ in the mouth, because the capsicum sold in supermarkets are virtually capsaïcinefree. Capsicum is rich in vitamin C, also contains the fruit a high content of folic acid.

Packaging: loose, just, flow pack, sealed, foodtainer

Sizes:      (Custom): 60-80 mm, 70-90 mm, 80-100 mm, 90-110 mm

(by weight): 35 to 155 grams, 155-180 grams, 180-210 grams

Availability: all year round