Kingsfield can always offer the best bananas in the strongest terms against sharp,competitive prices. The banana has following features, characteristics:

The wild ancestor of the banana came in a large area stretching from India to Southeast Asia and Indonesia to New Guinea. There are indications that the banana was in the area already 7000 years ago and would have Indonesian settlers on the coast of East Africa, the Comoros and Madagascar settled the banana around the beginning of our era and brought it to East Africa. From there the cultivation of the banana scattered in several centuries over much of Africa. Bananas grow in a cluster of up to 50 kg of a banana plant. All the bananas in a bunch are mature at the same time Therefore the bananas for export to other countries immature harvested and packed in boxes which are bunches of about 18 kilos. Within 48 hours after the harvest the bananas are loaded in refrigerated ships and whitin 2-4 weeks brought to Europe. There are many types and varieties.There are also next to the famous fruitbanana species such as apple banana, baby banana, red banana on the market.

 Variety: Cavendish

 Packing: 18kg carton

 Grading: 18 cm

 Availability: all year round