Total concept

Van Hijfte BV supplies high quality services with the storage and processing of foodstuffs as its main activity. All of this using specialised mechanical cooling and storage in crates. A wide range of products are stored in the modern storage area. There is room for more than 7000 tons in which services such as storage, trans-shipment, sorting and packaging are realised.


Storage at van Hijfte covers a wide range of products. These products originate from both conventional and biological cultivation. A sample of the products: Seed-potatoes, table potatoes, onions, cabbage, celeriac, etc.

Because of the many years of experience in the storage of potatoes, van Hijfte is able to properly store a good product. We also define quality as the compliance with questions and demands of our customers



Van Hijfte has sorting and packaging facilities. Packaging is done by a fully automatic packing line in which both jute and polyester bags of 10kg, 25kg, 50 kg or Big-Bags can be filled.

Modern registration system

One of the advantages of storage at van Hijfte is undoubtedly the registration system making traceability simpler and more informative.
With every product supplied, stickers are created with various details such as product name, cultivar, size, classification, principal, manufacturer, transport service, date and barcode. Every crate receives its own unique number with the sticker.

The moment the crates are removed from cooling, the stickers are retrieved from the system and the digital waybill or retrieval chart as well as the destination is entered.

With this procedure, the traceability of every crate is ensured and the exact stock is retrievable at any moment.



Van Hijfte is the holder of 2 certificates, the Skal certificate and the Eurepgap certificate.

In order to offer the customer the possibility of storing his biologically cultivated product at van Hijfte, the company has registered with Skal, certificate number 001999. Van Hijfte is also in possession of a 020462 certificate for the sorting plant.

Because of the increased demand for traceability of potatoes and the registration of procedures, van Hijfte decided to participate in achieving a Eurepgap certificate.




Our weighbridge is situated conveniently along the N61, this is the connection between the Vlissingen harbour and the Zeebrugge harbour.

Van Hijfte has a computer controlled weighbridge to facilitate the weighing of the trucks both full and empty. The standard working hours every working day are from 08h00 to 17h00.

It is however possible to acquire a badge, making it possible to weigh after office hours. The price of this badge is a deposit of € 10 / badge.

Weigh deck:                  18m length and 3m wide
Weight capacity:          70 ton
Classification:              20 kg

Please feel free to Contact us for the weighing tariffs.